Frequently, bees and beekeepers serve as the final line of defense against environmental destruction.

Over the past fifteen years, the release of agrochemicals into the environment has doubled, leading to a significant decline in the natural insect population in Europe. The wild bird numbers are plummeting, and there’s an unfavorable transformation in wild flora.  Instead of observing the decline of wild insects and the bad impact on our environment, we focus on beekeeping. Honey bees play a crucial role in pollination and serve as a food source for numerous life forms, thereby ensuring their survival.

Beekeepers find themselves in a continuous battle against global multinational chemical companies on both global and local fronts. Beekeepers are those who are everywhere where too many and too dangerous chemicals are applied to plants.  They are the ones who immediately and directly perceive the destruction in their bee colonies, everywhere, and take action against it. Without the presence of bees and dedicated beekeepers, the impact of environmental destruction would be even more severe. Our association goes beyond being just another group of beekeepers, and not all our founders are beekeepers themselves. We eagerly anticipate the collaboration and support of individuals who share our concern for preserving the richness of our environment and maintaining the availability of honey from European beekeepers on store shelves. Connect with us at info@eubee.euto join and contribute to this cause.