The use of the “eubee original” mark is subject to certain restrictions and these are required to run a controllable system:

    1. The primary rule pertains to honey: the “eubee original” mark can only be applied to honey produced in EU member states and directly sourced from EU beekeepers.

    2. Only packers exclusively packaging beekeeper’s honey are eligible to use the “eubee original” mark. A packer seeking the mark can pack honey from anywhere globally but without the “eubee original” mark. Additionally, all batches of honey from third countries in the packer’s warehouse must be identified as beekeeper batches.

    3. Purchasing homogenized batches from honey traders disqualifies packers from utilizing the “eubee original” mark.

    4. Packers desiring to use the “eubee originale” mark must have a facility compliant with all EU regulations. Furthermore, their honey packaging technology must be capable of preserving all the natural values of the honey.