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Bees and Beekeepers are the last line of defense against the destruction of our environment.

In fifteen years, the amount of agrochemicals released into the environment has doubled.
By today over half of the natural insect population has disappeared from Europe, the number of wild birds is also dramatically decreasing and wild flora is changing unfavorably.Therefore, instead of disappearing wild insects, the honeybee pollinates and becomes a food source for many natural life forms, thus ensuring their survival.

Beekeepers are constantly fighting global multinational chemical companies at global and local levels. Without the bees and beekeepers the devastation would be much greater.


In some European countries the number of bee colonies have already fallen to quarter over the past ten years. But honeybees will only remain while we have apiaries! The beekeepers from time-to-time are able to heal back their colonies, but not without cost. Even in the face of all this isn't the threat to their existence but the "honey" pouring in from China taking their markets.
According to official statistics China produces 550.000 tons of "honey" each year. This is around ten times the production of large, real honey producing countries such as Argentina, Mexico or Ukraine. No one believes this is honey produced by bees, but the production just keeps on increasing.

On November 21, 2019 in Budapest, the association was founded by people from ten countries who want to work to preserve the honeybee population and beekeeping in our environment.
We developed a rigorous system that ensures anyone who buys honey with our trademark can be assured that they are buying genuine natural honey directly from European beekeepers and thus contributing to the survival of beekeepers and bees in Europe.

We are more than just another beekeepers association, not all of our founders are beekeepers. Everyone is welcome to join and support us, who care about preserving the richness of our environment and keeping the honey from European beekeepers on the store shelves.

Fulmer Takács Ferenc

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