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Rules of "European Bee Made" Trademark Use

Obtaining use of this trademark entails limitations. These are needed to set up a verifiable system. The most important rule applies to honey: the trademark "European Bee Made" can only be used to designate honey produced in the member states of the European Union. There must be a territorial limitation on who can apply for the use of the trademark.

Applying and using the mark will be possible for beekeepers and honey packagers in geographical Europe. Thus, it can be used not only in the member states of the European Union but also by other European packing companies (and beekeepers, if they also pack foreign honey), but only for the honey from producers in the member states of the European Union. (For example, an English beekeeper may put the trademark on acacia honey purchased from a Hungarian or Italian producer, but not his own, since England is no longer a member of the European Union).

It is also indispensable, for the sake of completeness, that the packagers obtain the total quantity of honey marketed directly from the producer. Anyone applying for the trademark must ensure that the entire quantity of honey is obtained directly from the producers. (Also, what you don't ask for at the time of sale because, for example, a discount chain will make its own branded honey.)

In order to be able to trace such honey (for which you are not requesting a trademark), it can only come from a producer and from Europe in a geographical sense. This rule is important because it can trace all your purchases back to the apiaries. Honey is very professional in counterfeiting, but it is impossible for many beekeepers in Europe to bribe to verify the origin of the adulterated honey.

Audits will be entrusted to independent financial auditors. We do not think we will need food safety experts because, from this point of view, packagers are well controlled by customers and authorities. The task of financial auditors is to monitor the turnover of honey. Check the purchase and sales material balance and whether it has been obtained from producers as required. Financial control is important because it is impossible to hide the reality here. Packagers are necessarily paid for by the originator of the honey.

The overall aim of the trademark is to implement an important and controlled system for beekeepers and consumers in the European Union, which guarantees that the jar covered by the trademark is sure to contain honey directly from beekeeping in a member state of the European Union.

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