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Summary of the purpose of creating Made Eu Bee trademark

There are European countries where the number of bee colonies has fallen by a quarter over the last ten years. And a honey bee will only be on our continent as long as there are beekeepers! Beekeepers are able to repair their damaged bee colonies from time to time, but this comes at a cost. This is not because of the hopeless situation of European beekeepers, but because the fake honey from China is losing their markets. China has been producing 550 thousand tons of „honey” each year. This growing amount is 10 times more than the real honey produced by Argentina, Mexico or Ukraine. All things considered it’s hard to believe that honey from China originates from bees.

On the 21-st of November in 2019 beekeepers, environmentalists and other individuals of 10 EU countries established the Association for European Bees (AEB). We also created a new control system that is connected to a trademark called European Bee Made. Consumers who purchase a jar of honey with this trademark in the shops may rest assured that it contains real honey sourced directly from EU beekeepers. By choosing this honey they are contributing to maintaining EU beekeeping.

Our association is initiating a system that protects the origin of honey produced in the European Union from producer to consumer under trademark. Based on this, a marketing campaign can be launched to encourage the consumption of these honey. you can read the necessary set of rules which is for the time being, because we want to involve other EU beekeepers' organizations. For the time being, the draft contains the rules agreed by the founders.

It is also our aim that all national beekeepers' associations in the Union delegate their members to our association. Through this, our alliance will become a pan-European organization whose primary economic mission is to improve the position of beekeepers in the European Union. 

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