Ensuring the origin of honey:

The responsibility for conducting audits should be delegated to independent financial auditors. These auditors play a crucial role in overseeing both the turnover of honey and the associated financial transactions. Their duties include scrutinizing the material balance of packers, ensuring adherence to the mandated process of obtaining honey from beekeepers, and verifying the accuracy of both purchases and sales. Financial control in this context is crucial, as it serves to prevent the concealment of actual transactions. Specifically, in the case of the audited packer, the honey must necessarily originate from the supplier for which the packer paid for.

Quality Control:

The German Beekeepers Association has devised an exemplary quality requirement system, concentrating on safeguarding the most delicate biologically active element in honey. Preserving this component ensures the retention of all the natural qualities of honey. Our association adheres to identical standards for honeys bearing the “eubee original” mark as outlined by the German association. The only distinction lies in the origin requirement – while the German association mandates German origin, our association stipulates European Union (EU) origin.